The debt execution, the seizure and the bankruptcy are the legal means to execute monetary debts. Any company or individual may have to initiate a debt execution procedure against debtors or to participate to a seizure or a bankruptcy procedure against them. A sequestration is also possible in certain cases.

Conversely, any company or individual may face a debt execution procedure and be submitted to a seizure, a bankruptcy or a sequestration.

Once initiated, the execution of a debt may be interrupted by an opposition from the debtor. In such case, a creditor will have to initiate a release procedure or will have to introduce legal proceedings in order to cancel the opposition and obtain the execution of his claim.

A seizure or bankruptcy procedure may also create complex situations. It is not unusual that a creditor be required to challenge other creditors’ claims in a seizure or a bankruptcy procedure, to replace a bankrupt company in an ongoing lawsuit, to initiate debt executions against a bankrupt company’s debtors or a liability lawsuit against its former board members or directors. Such procedures may raise several complex legal issues and generally require detailed legal advice and support.

Our lawyers assist companies and individuals in debt execution, seizure, bankruptcy and sequestration procedures. They represent them before debt execution offices, bankruptcy offices, civil courts and any other judiciary authority involved in this context.

  • Debt execution and seizure procedures

  • Opposition release procedures

  • Bankruptcy procedures

  • Sequestration requests

  • Liability lawsuits against board members and directors

  • Composition with creditors procedures