Intellectual property takes a more and more important place in the life of businesses. It is common for companies and individuals to protect a trademark, a patent, a design or a domain name, to have to oppose a trademark registration or to prevent or stop a third party from violating a copyright or from using a trademark or content without right.

A request for the protection of intellectual property may face oppositions, modification requests or refusals that pose complex legal issues and generate lengthy procedures in different jurisdictions. An opposition to a trademark or a patent registration may also create complicated legal issues.

The protection of intellectual property rights against unauthorized use by third parties may lead to complex procedures and usually requires prompt actions.

Our lawyers assist businesses and individuals for the registration of trademarks, domain names and patents. They represent them before the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property and other authorities as necessary.

They provide legal advice and assistance for the protection of intellectual property in case of unauthorized use by third parties, such as copyright violations or abusive use of a trademark.

  • Trademarks registrations and protection

  • Patents registrations and protection

  • Copyrights protection

  • Designs registrations and protection