Given the important development of the regulation of working relationships, labour law has become an area of practice in itself, with its own legal provisions and specific courts. In particular, it includes regulations governing employment contracts, such as legal provisions related to salaries, vacation leaves, overtime hours and termination of a contract of employment. It also includes regulations related to social insurances that are applicable in regard to labour law.

It is necessary for businesses and individuals to be able to have an appropriate and satisfactory work environment. It is hence important to define the framework of such environment, in order to optimize the relationships between employers and employees. This requires the implementation of complete and precise contracts of employment, a specific oversight of social insurances issues and a detailed management of human resources.

In practice, disputes can occur between employers and employees and may be difficult to manage. They may raise complex legal issues and require extensive negotiations. It is frequent that such disputes be brought before a court.

Our lawyers provide legal advice for the drafting and negotiation of contracts of employment, the implementation of appropriate working environment and rules and the management of social insurances matters. They also assist employers and employees in the context of labour law litigations and represent them before the labour courts.

  • Drafting of contracts of employment
  • Labour law litigations

  • Working permits

  • Social insurance law