Real estate law includes various domains which businesses and individuals may face, whether as part of their commercial or private affairs or as real estate owners.

A real estate project such as the construction, the renovation or the acquisition of a property requires several steps from its implementation to its completion. Depending on the intended project, a contract for work and services, a contract of sale, the establishment of a condominium or a building permit may be necessary.

As part of the management of their properties, real estate owners may have to oversee a condominium or a leased property and handle the relationships with their neighbours and co-owners.

They also have to follow and control constructions and renovations close to their properties and, if need be, to oppose land management measures or building permits.

Our lawyers assist real estate owners with their projects, from the negotiation and drafting of construction contracts, to the establishment and the management of a condominium or a leased property.

Our lawyers also assist owners in the context of litigations with neighbours or with administrative authorities and represent them before the civil and administrative courts.

  • Construction law
  • Building permits
  • Land management measures
  • Property law
  • Environmental law
  • Establishment and management of condominiums