Social insurance law includes various domains and insurance types, such as health insurance, accident insurance, old age and survivors insurance, disability insurance, unemployment insurance and pension plans.

It encompasses issues related to insurance affiliation, to the payment of contributions and premiums, to the reimbursement of certain social insurance expenses or to the allocation and payment of social benefits.

In practice, it is frequent that disputes occur between insurance companies and insured persons. Most of such disputes are submitted to specific social insurance procedures and may be complex and lengthy. It is not unusual that social insurance litigations be brought before different judiciary instances.

Our lawyers provide legal advice to companies and individuals and assist them in their actions related to social insurance matters. They represent insurers and insured persons for all litigations before the social insurance courts.

  • Health insurance

  • Old age and survivors insurance

  • Accident insurance

  • Pension plans

  • Disability law

  • Unemployment law

  • Maternity law